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Readings Review exam 2 - Readings Review Smith et al. 1998...

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Readings Review Smith et al. 1998 Background Most representive sample of the television landscape ever collected Videotaped nearly 10,000 hours of television programming over a three year period Because of public concern about TV violence and it’s effect, this study (NTVS) was commissioned. University CA Santa Barbara- assessed violence in entertainment programming such as drama, comedy, movies, children’s shows, and music videos. University of TX Austin- examined violence in a particular type of programming- reality based shows such as talk shows, tabloid news, police shows, and documentaries. University of Wisconsin Madison- studied violence ratings and advisories used on TV, including their impact on the viewing decisions of parents and children. Univeristy of NC Chapel Hill- studied the effectiveness of anti-violence public service announcements Project involved oversight of a council Four Foundations of Study Foundation #1: Television violence contributes to the harmful effects on viewers. Foundation #2: Three types of harmful effects can occur from viewing televised violence a. Learning aggressive attitudes and behaviors b. Desensitization to violence c. Increased fear of being victimized by violence Research shows that TV violence contributes to aggression in children and the effects can last into adulthood. Foundation #3: Not all violence poses the same degree of risk of these harmful effects.
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Readings Review exam 2 - Readings Review Smith et al. 1998...

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