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sample quiz 1 bimm 110

sample quiz 1 bimm 110 - 3 Give an example of a gene that...

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Sample quiz questions, BIMM 110 1. Provide evidence for the theory that myopia in modern societies is due to close focusing during childhood. (3 pts). Is this evidence correlative or experimental? (1 pt). An Inuit generation that was not exposed to early childhood reading had very low rates of myopia, while a Inuit generation that was exposed to early childhood reading had much higher rates of myopia. 2. Describe a genetic experiment that supports the idea that Hox genes in fruit flies and mammals have similar roles in patterning the anterior/posterior axis of embryos. (2 pts). Either: 1. Transplantation of mammal Hox genes into fruit flies results in anterior posterior patterning defects (homeotic transformations). or 2. Mutations in flies and mammals both result in anterior posterior patterning defects (homeotic transformations or the right parts in the wrong positions on the anterior posterior body axis)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Give an example of a gene that specifies the same organ in both invertebrates and vertebrates. Name the organ. (2 pts). Either: 1. Pax6 or eyeless and eye development, or 2. Nkx2.5/tinman and heart development. 4. What are the three primary germ layers in the embryo? For one of the germ layers, give an example of an adult tissue it gives rise to. (2 pts). Ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm, and either skin/epidermis, or muscle bone, or gut tissue 7. What type of nucleotide is used to terminate DNA elongation during the chain termination method of DNA sequencing? (1 pt). Dideoxynucleotide, or nucleotides missing the 3' hydroxyl group 10. Name two reasons why that could explain why the Dogon women of Mali have lower rates of breast cancer than American women? (2 pts). 1. Lactational menorrhea 2. more frequent pregnancies or fewer menstrual cycles...
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