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January 18th - January 18th, 2008 Biological Anthropology...

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January 18 th , 2008 Biological Anthropology 3. Modern Synthesis C. Science and ID/Creationism One other idea that we need to get rid of, and that’s the idea of perfection. We know more about evolutionary theory now than we did before. Things are not perfectly adapted to their environments because physical environments change faster than organisms do. Another problem is that populations of organisms can only work with structures that were present in earlier generations. If you use old structures for new things, those old structures won’t be designed correctly for the new purpose. A classic example is the human foot. The foot bone has numerous bones just like the human hand. In the hand we have a lot of little bones used for grasping, our ancestors did so in the past with their feet, so now with the small bones in our feet are old because don’t grasp things. A theory in scientific parlance is not a guess, it is an explanation. The more evidence there is the stronger the explanation is. Evolutionary theory is an explanation of life’s diversity and it’s supported by an abundance of evidence. Where is this evidence? The first source is the fossil record . We have an abundance of evidence that shows that life has change through time through the idea of favorable traits. The evolutionary history of reptiles to birds is well documented, also horses, dogs, cats are well recorded. Most interesting to us is the ape like structure forming into human. There are plenty of
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January 18th - January 18th, 2008 Biological Anthropology...

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