January 23rd

January 23rd - January 23 rd Religion and science can work...

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Unformatted text preview: January 23 rd Religion and science can work together, but remember, neither one is better than the other. They are two separate ways of understanding the universe. Left off with the idea that people say teach both and let the kids decide. We talked about how we don’t waste class time talking about other controversial ideas, why now? Another problem with this idea is that there is no problem, scientists are arguing about how evolution is occurring, the process, timing, etc. The problem of presenting creationism or ID to science is that we run the risk of losing sight at what real science is. This is a real problem because educators get behind with this, the educators get concerned that we’re not teaching evolutionary theories, and by the time we get to college, we don’t have a real idea of what science is. Scientific theories have to be testable, correctable and produce new information. How are we supposed to learn about science if in high school our teachers tell us that we “don’t have...
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