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Rev. 04/18/07 TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY JERRY S. RAWLS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION A PPROVED H UMANITIES C OURSES Three hours from the following list of courses will satisfy the Humanities requirement for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. See the University catalog for the description of and prerequisites for each course. A NTHROPOLOGY ANTH 3323 Religion and Culture 3325 Anthropological Folklore 3346 Ancient Civilizations of Middle and South America 3351 Language and Culture A PPAREL D ESIGN & M ANUFACTURING ADM 3312 History & Philosophy of Dress A RCHITECTURE ARCH All Architecture History Courses C LASSICS CLAS 3302 Classical Mythology 3303 Sports and Public Spectacles in the Ancient World 3320 The World of Greece 3330 The World of Rome 3350 Comparative Mythology C OMPARATIVE LITERATURE C LT 4305 Contemporary Theories of Cultural Meaning C OMMUNICATION STUDIES COMS 3311 Rhetoric in Western Thought 3318 Persuasion and Social Movements E NGINEERING ENGR 4392 Engineering Ethics and its Impact on Society E NGLISH All English courses in Literature or Linguistics.
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