BA 1101 Syllabus Spring 2009 FINAL

BA 1101 Syllabus Spring 2009 FINAL - Jerry S Rawls College...

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Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration Spring 2009 BA 1101 – 001 Fundamentals of Business Professionalism Friday 9- 10:50 AM LH 202 Course Coordinator: Catherine A. Duran, PhD Instructor: Kyle Clark, MBA Office: 317 Administration Email: [email protected] Office Hours: F: 8-9 10-11 AM Grad. Asst.: Chinwa Tan Office: BA 318 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TR 9:30AM- 1:30PM F 11 AM- 1 PM Text: Fundamentals of Business Professionalism, custom edition from Prentice Hall Personal Response System (Clicker) from Turning Point Website: Course Description: This course is designed to teach students how business degrees can be applied. It will also cover what is expected as business professionals. Students will become familiar with the different degree programs of the Rawls College of Business as well as have the opportunity to listen to individuals from the business community. Students will learn the components of business professionalism, discuss ethical issues, and set a course for success as business students and in their chosen careers. Teaching Philosophy: The basic teaching philosophy is a belief that effective learning takes place through reading, experiential exercises, discussion, and writing about the subject matter. However, due to time constraints, only the more important topics may be discussed in class. To achieve the necessary breadth of coverage some of the material will have to be learned without the benefit of class discussion. It is imperative that students read the assigned text before coming to class each week. Tests and quizzes will emphasize the more important topics; however, it will be necessary to draw test questions from assigned material, including the required text, even if the material was not the focus of class discussion.
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Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, students should be able to: Identify and describe the different subject areas of business. List the ways business degrees can be applied.
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BA 1101 Syllabus Spring 2009 FINAL - Jerry S Rawls College...

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