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Your Name _____________________________________ COVERSHEET SPSS HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 1 For your first SPSS homework, you will derive some basic statistics on New York City public schools. Use the dataset “NYCSCH1.SAV” and the appropriate SPSS procedures to answer the following questions. As demonstrated in the first SPSS tutorial, check to be sure that your preferences are set so that your command syntax appears in your output viewer. 1. On average, the NYC elementary schools had _____% of teachers with a master’s degree or higher in the 1999-2000 school year. 2. The mean total expenditure for the 577 NYC elementary schools in the dataset is $______________.
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Unformatted text preview: The smallest total expenditure is $______________, and the largest is $_______________. 3. _______ percent of the 577 elementary schools are located in Queens? 4. The average enrollment of NYC elementary schools is _________ students, with the standard deviation of ________. 5. The minimum size of the 3 rd grade enrollment is _____, while the maximum 3 rd grade enrollment is _____. 6. List the names of three nominal variables included in the dataset. Nominal variables: ______________, ______________, and ______________ Note: This coversheet goes on top, with answers filled in. Attach SPSS printouts showing your work....
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