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Lab 4 report - Lab 4 Operational Amplifier Application...

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Lab 4: Operational Amplifier Application: Electronic Security System Design: Part 1 of 2 A. Procedure Task 1: Construct the Laser Diode, Photodetector, and current to voltage converter circuit Build the photodetector shown in the figure on the breadboard, connecting the op-amp to the HP Triple Power Supply. Connect the laser to the breadboard by connecting the red wire to the +12 V and the black wire to the ground. Insert the op-amp IC into the breadboard, straddling the trough running across the board. Connect the red line from the photo detector to the +12V and the black like to the 741 op-amp pin 2. Connect the 22kΩ resistor between pins 6 and 2 and connect pin 3 to ground. Connect 4 to -12V and 7 to +12V. Turn on the power supply. Making sure the beam and the photo detector are aligned and at a constant distance, measure the output voltage with the bench DMM and record your result. Then measure the output voltage when the beam is obstructed by your hand. Next, measure the current through the laser diode with the bench DMM by placing the ammeter in series with the laser, and record this value in the table. Task 2: Construct the Amplifier Place a 2 nd 741 op-amp on the breadboard and build the circuit shown in the figure. Use the 6V output from the HP Triple Power Supply to apply a voltage to the input of the circuit. Use the voltage values given in the table as input values and record your voltage measurements in the table. Then, remove the 6V wire from the input to the op-amp, connecting the output of the 1 st op-amp to the input of the 2 nd . Record the output voltage of this stage with the beam obstructed and without the beam obstructed. Task 3: Construct the Comparator
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Lab 4 report - Lab 4 Operational Amplifier Application...

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