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Lab Report 3 - Lab 3 Report A Procedure Task 1 Verify...

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Lab 3 Report A. Procedure Task 1- Verify Thevenin’s equivalent A. Use the NI ELVIS Instrument Launcher to load the Variable Power Supplies and Digital Multi-meter. Set the SUPPLY + to be +10V. Turn on the power to the breadboard and use the Digital Multi-meter to observe the output voltage. Once the Variable Power Supplies are connected with the high and low DMM Voltages, adjust the Variable Power Supplies to make sure the NI DMM reads close to 10V. B. Connect the circuit to look like the one shown in Figure 3.8. Using the NI DMM, measure voltage across the 2kΩ resistor and current using the HP DMM. Record these values in Table 1. C. Now, remove the 2kΩ resistor, creating an open circuit across nodes a and b. Measure voltage Voc across the open circuit and record this value. D. Connect the HP DMM to measure the short circuit current across nodes a and b. Turn on the NI ELVIS board and record the current value in the table. Task 2- Verify the superposition principle A. Build the circuit shown in Figure 3.12. Connect the HP triple output power supply to the circuit. Make sure to connect the leads from the 0-6V output to the circuit and set the value to 2V. Do the same for the 20V source, using the positive 0-20V output of the triple output power supply and setting the correct value of 20V. Remember that the ground for the entire source is contained within the power supply, so there is no need to connect the source to the ground. B. Now, measure the current, I, across the 1kΩ resistor using the HP DMM and record this value. Make sure the ammeter is connected in series. C. Suppress the 6V supply using the knob to reduce it from 2V to 0V. Record the
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Lab Report 3 - Lab 3 Report A Procedure Task 1 Verify...

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