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Lab Report 7 - C Sample Calculations In Lab 7 we calculated...

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C. Sample Calculations In Lab 7, we calculated gamma from the potentiometer measurements by first measuring the values for R1 and R2, and then, by adding these values together and plugging into the following equation to solve for gamma. In the pre-lab, we were also asked to calculate the value of the capacitor given other values in the following equation. This equation for the overall oscillation frequency represents the charging and discharging curve of the output of the circuit. f = 1/T = 1/(2*ln((1+γ)/(1-γ))*RC) D. Discussion In this lab, students were able to build a circuit involving a potentiometer, which acts as two variable resistances with a constant total resistance. Using the potentiometer allowed the student to get a hands-on feel for what the potentiometer does and how to adjust it to
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control other circuit components. In this lab specifically, the potentiometer was adjusted to synchronize the blinking LEDs to various frequencies. In this way, we were able to
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