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Lab Report 9 - Lab Report 9 A. Procedure In Lab 9: AC Power...

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Lab Report 9 A. Procedure In Lab 9: AC Power Measurements and Resonance, the students will apply AC power concepts to the measurements of real and reactive power and the impedance of RLC circuits. By varying the frequency of the input signal, the students will be able to see that a series RLC circuit exhibits resonance behavior. These same techniques will be applied for power measurements in AC circuits. Finally, the concepts of power factor and methods of power factor corrections will be introduced to the students. The students were first required to build a circuit with a 10 μF capacitor, a 120 mH inductor, and a 100 Ω resistor. These components would all be in series with an ammeter and an oscillating function generator. Also, the oscilloscope should generate a graph across the oscillating function generator and across the resistor. The students should adjust the HP function generator to have a maximum output voltage of 20 Volts peak-to-peak and a frequency of 100 Hz. At this point, the students will record the readings of the ammeter, the RMS voltage for channel one and the phase shift between channel one and channel two. The phase shift will be equal to the time difference between the two crossings multiplied by 360 degrees and divided by the period. These measurements will be repeated for frequencies ranging from 100 Hz to 1000 Hz. The final stage in the lab is practical power observations. The students will connect a 40 W lamp and a Fluke meter to the 100V – rms AC mains supply. The students should measure the voltage, current, apparent power, real power, and power
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Lab Report 9 - Lab Report 9 A. Procedure In Lab 9: AC Power...

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