Gender and Marriage

Gender and Marriage - Gender Marriage and Kinship C Gender...

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Gender, Marriage, and Kinship C. Gender Roles D. Human Sexuality Gender roles, the kinds of activities associated with genders. A lot of times we think about yes indeed we have certain biological differences of males and females. How and in what ways does our biological backgrounds influence the behavior we see in other cultures. All cultures reserve certain tasks for males and females. .its called the division of labor for gender. The kinds of tasks associate with males and females, vary so much from one culture to the next that it’s very difficult to find cross cultural exclusive female and male tasks. One of the tasks is that all males are the bread winners. In no societies do females let the males take care of them. In all societies women are contributing to the well being of their partner, children and themselves. The difference is sometimes this economic activity is not valued in other societies. When we take a look at gender roles cross culturally, there is a wide range. In foraging societies, males tend to do the hunting, females tend to the gathering, but those are not mutually exclusive tasks. Males know how to do gathering and females know how to hunt in case something happens: this is called cross-training. There is also a great deal of sharing. It is the same with child care. All tasks are shared in foraging societies. What are the repercussions? In foraging societies, all tasks are shared, which means that womens economic contribution is at least as much if not more than mens. Since womens economic contribution is significant, it is also recognized as significant, that means that women have a great deal of say in
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Gender and Marriage - Gender Marriage and Kinship C Gender...

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