Gender 3 - Gender Marriage and Kinship D Human Sexuality E...

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Gender, Marriage, and Kinship D. Human Sexuality E. Marriage Human Sexuality: Research on human activity cross culturally is not nearly as known on other human activity. It’s not well known because it’s not a public behavior. Westerners begin in engaging in sexual activity less frequently, and later than the rest of the worlds culture. We engage in sexual activities with fewer partners, and we see sexual activities sooner. In other cultures, sexual activity begins before puberty. The island of Mangaia, the anthropologists who studied sexual activities, saw that couples had sex three times a night, every night. Some studies suggest that couples in their 50s and 60s do the same. Sexual activity is not culturally neutral. It’s a human biological activity overlaying with cultural meaning. Those cultural meanings change from culture to culture. In societies when women control their bodies, human sexual activity is seen available to both genders equally. In societies where women use important, sexual behavior becomes a mechanism of control. One of the subtlest ways of controlling women is redefining desire as bad.
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Gender 3 - Gender Marriage and Kinship D Human Sexuality E...

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