February 6th

February 6th - Human Variation A Introduction B Human...

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Human Variation A. Introduction B. Human Variation C. Medical Anthropology D. Development and Indigenous Peoples Detailed and thorough notes Review notes 5-6 days ahead of time Don’t do study groups 30-35 multiple choice questions; two essays This article asks us from all over the US what do we mean by race and why do we classify people into different groups? Also, what does it mean to be classified in one group as apposed to another? Human variation is a fact; human beings genetically differ from each other. Since we have these variations, how do we classify people into groups? Equally, why should we divide these people into groups? Who benefits from it? If you look at all of the genetic variation of all human population, what you find is human being genetic variation is a blending from one geographic region to the next. We think we see real dividing lines in that range, but they are arbitrary classification. What biological characteristic should we use to separate people into groups? Eye color, hair color…why skin color? What makes skin color more biologically important than the rest? Think about the arbitrariness of dividing people into groups. If genetics are blending, how do we divide those, why 3 groups? It makes sense that we think we see the biological reasoning of dividing people into 3 groups. It’s a cultural grouping, not biological. All
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February 6th - Human Variation A Introduction B Human...

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