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Human Variation C. Medical Anthropology D. Development and Indigenous People E. Forensic Anthropology Medical anthropologists rely on physical anthro to study genetic variation. There are other examples of looking at how physical variation affects health. Because of some genetic variation, some races are less susceptible to diseases. What happens when two completely sep populations with their own diseases come in contact with each other, you have massive outbreaks of disease. 14 th century as the crusaders traveled to Palestine, they brought back the bubonic plague. Within 10 years the plague devastated European population. Imagine 30% of human population dying. You have no concept of germs, cleanliness, etc. if you look at the art, people were obsessed with death, they thought the world was coming to an end. This is interesting to cultural anthropologists and how people respond to disease. Another example is the Indians being infected with small pox and measles when Americans showed up to America. Cultural anthropologists are
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