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Quiz2Solution - b Frequency f(in Hertz c Wavelength d...

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Quiz 2 A fellow student with a mathematical bent tells you that the wave function of a traveling wave on a thin rope is y(x,t)= 2.3 mm cos[(6.98 rad/m) x + (742 rad/s) t]. Being more practical you measure the rope to have a length of 1.35 m and a mass of 0.00338 kg. You are asked to determine the following: a) Amplitude
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Unformatted text preview: b) Frequency f (in Hertz) c) Wavelength d) Direction the wave is travelling (along x or opposite to x) e) Tension in the rope Solution: a) A=2.3mm=0.0023 m b) f=742/2 π =118 Hz c) λ =2 π /6.98 =0.9 m d) Opposite to the x direction (to the left) e) T=v 2 μ =( λ f) 2 μ =(0.9*118) 2 0.00338/1.35=28.2 N...
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