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Quiz Week 6 Two thin parallel slits that are 0.0116 mm apart are illuminated by a laser beam of wavelength 585 nm. a) On a very large distant screen what is the total number of bright fringes (those indicating complete constructive interference) including the central fringe and those on both sides of it? b) At what angle relative to original direction of the beam will the fringe that is
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Unformatted text preview: most distant from the central bright fringe occur? Solution a) d sin = m therefore m /d =sin <1 /d ==585x10-9 /0.0116x10-3 = 0.05431 m max <d/ =1/0.05431=19.8 m max = 19 Total number of fringes including the central one is 2 m max +1=39. b) Max. angle sin max =m max /d = 19/19.8=0.959 max =73 degrees...
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