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202 Study Guide - - Technology- the systematic application...

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Unformatted text preview: - Technology- the systematic application of science or other organized knowledge to practical task- Pacey- 3 aspects- Cultural- goals, values, ethical codes, creativity, - Organizational- economic & industrial activity, unions, professionals, consumers- Technical- kowledge, skill, and technique- Restricted view- amoral, a thing apart from values- Instrumental View- “Guns don't kill people, people do.”- Tech. Determinism- technology determines cultural values, the ultimate solution- opposite of Social Constructionist- human action shapes technology- As a Science- tech is instrumental- As a Practice- tech is cultural- Problems- Tech+Culture- tools in culture “A” must be adapted to culture “B” to avoid the Hand-pumps-in-India problem- Bandwidth- the capacity of an information technology to transmit information- information/time- Bandwidth progressively increases- Telegraph- Telephone- eliminates distance- Access is always limited, Technological Divide- The Alphabet- words/minute- Gutenberg invents the printing press- info can be stored and transported- Knowledge becomes a thing- info becomes commodity- eliminates time- Negroponte- thinks copper has the lowest bandwidth, fiber has the highest, and Ether is the least efficient...
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202 Study Guide - - Technology- the systematic application...

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