Lab 3 Gas Behavior

Lab 3 Gas Behavior - Gas Behavior Lab 3 Author Holly Polk...

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Gas Behavior- Lab 3 Author: Holly Polk Lab Partners: Jim Hernandez, Vanessa Jordan, and Dominic Pisciotta Instructor: Yisheng Xu Chemistry Lab 151, Section 001 Date Work Performed: February 11, 2008 Date Report Submitted: February 18, 2008 Abstract: This experiment uses the ideal gas law, PV=nRT to find the molar mass of an unknown gas to identify it. The class average molar mass found for acetone was 82.24 g/mol and the common accepted value is 58.05 g/mol. The group’s unknown gas was cyclohexane with a molar mass of 84.16 g/mol, however the group calculated the gas to be 104.2 g/mol. Molar mass was calculated by filling flasks with the liquid gas, then transferring it between heat and ice baths, then weighing the flask.
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Introduction: The experimental objectives are to fill a container with a pure gas and measure the temperature, pressure, volume and mass, and then to calculate the molar mass for the pure gas. The ideal gas law will be used to determine the molar mass of the unknown gas being tested, then that molar mass will be used to identify the gas from a list of possibilities. One of the major questions posed by this experiment is whether or not the behavior of real gases is close enough to ideal behavior to be useful. The experiment begins by obtaining the gas in its liquid state. Then hot and ice water baths are prepared. The liquid is added to a flask and a serum cap and capillary tube are also inserted and secured. The liquid must be vaporized by adding it to the hot water bath.
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Lab 3 Gas Behavior - Gas Behavior Lab 3 Author Holly Polk...

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