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Short Story Outline - Shann Moore English Comp II Jennifer...

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Shann Moore English Comp. II Jennifer Gordon 03 April 2008 Short Story Outline I. Differences Among Stories a.) Difference in traits between main characters b.) Difference between story environments c.) Motives of each character II. Similarities Between Stories a.) Similarities among characters b.) Various similar aspects between stories c.) Moral of Story Similarities III. Symbolism Among Stories a.) Characters representing symbolism b.) Symbolism given by the story’s environment c.) Symbolism of the story title
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Hello, I would like to start of my presentation by using the two short stories that I have decided to use for my short story essay, “The Count of Monticello” and “A Rose for Emily”. Whether you know or not, both stories are very similar in fashion despite the different authors who wrote them. The main character in “A Rose for Emily” named Emily Grierson, was a very odd person. She was quite possessive of things around her such as her late father who Emily kept in an old room for some time and then a man by the name of Baron who was also very much loved by Emily and thus she decided to keep Baron permanently by killing him with poison and keeping him in the same old room until the end of her days. In the other short story, “The Cask of Amontillado” the main character by the name of Montresor also has a similar possession, but this possession is revenge. Montresor contemplates and plans a very detailed murder involving a man by the name of Fortunado who has apparently wounded Montresor’s pride by insults.
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