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GENETICS (BIO S325) SUMMER 2006 I1 Exam 713 1/06 ~ohl points: 120 ( There are 24 questions in this exam. Each question carries 5 points. Answer all questions for a maximum of 120 points. Select ONE answer in questions with multiple choices. ? 1. A particular Hfr strain (that is pro') normally transmits the pro+ marker as the last V one in conjugation. In a cross of this Hfr strain with a Fstrain (pro-), some pro' - -, recombinants are recovered early in the mating process. When these pro' cells are . mixed with F cells, the majority of the F- cells are converted into pro' cells that also carry the F factor. Explain these results. +. + A cross is made between two E. coli strains: Hfi arg blo leui x F- arg'bio'leu-. Interrupted-mating studies show that arg' enters the recipient last, so arg' recombinants are selected on a medium containing bio and leu only. These recombinants are tested for the presence of bia' and leu'. The following numbers of individuals are found for each genotype: -s 39-t +,&A++ m 0% grq+ lea+ bibf w+ bru- \@A- arg%io+leu+ 320 - bi0' b&uw Wg__ a*$- be,*- f+' - arg'bio'leu- 8 arg'bio-leui 0 dvg+ bib- w4* - a ; a* 37 argibio-leu- 48 ,i \J / [g) What is the gene order? -4 kid+- b- - . , .I -> aug 5 ku L*a" s.,&:,.3 '\ Lo* ) Gr-+ 4 5x6 (b) What are the map distances in recombination percentages?
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A, .. ;F~4' 4;" -, L3- 3. In a generalized transduction experiment, the P1 phage particles growing on E. -- c coli with the genotype val+alaf trp+ are collected apd allowed to infect E. coli . 3 ?I , , cells with the genotype vat alr trp-. The& uencks are . Q 1 ) calculated. for the different gene combi ,.. ) : ala - trp = 0.2 .,' & -- . A . - bf I,,. . . a6a-val=O.8 I?~.I:~~'~HF (!MA .rr& .ikT 7. < val - trp 7 0.6 ,-$. . ~.:i:wi,.~ ,-a ~d Which of the following is consistent with the data*; . gene order is alu-val-trp; val is closer t~ (r- than it is to ala. e gene order is val-ala-trp; ala is closeri(o:~p~ihan it is to val. he gene order is ala-val-trp; vdl isclose~ta ul&.than it is to trp. _/Cd). The gene order isalu-trp-val; trp is closer to ala than it is to val. ,., . , 4. In bacterial matings, prophage uan be tfansfefled from Hfr to F-. If the F- is W' c+ 'nnonlysagenic+ the prophage is automtidky$db~e$ wkp it qte~ the-P cell and ,. .- - Lvcell is lysed,, This is kc~,e,.there&noip~qf repressor in,theF- ceUi ,*.%- I , - ,:~AI; normally prevents lambda from entqjng.t&e lfiic qycyclq I . . . Several new Hfr strains bf E. ~oli were iydependently isolated. All were wild C <., ., . - +J, type, but Hffl was bsogenic for p;hagelajnbda; 'All ~f& w&e theri mated tea- , <. .
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test2(mona) - GENETICS (BIO S325) I1 Exam 7131/06 SUMMER...

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