BIO 325 - Fall 2007 - TTh 200 to 330 - Quiz II

BIO 325 - Fall 2007 - TTh 200 to 330 - Quiz II - (b) What...

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GENETICS (BIO 325) Fall 2007 T, Th 2:00 – 3:30 PM II Quiz 9/20/07 Total points: 16 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. (a) What are the values of chi-square (from the table) that yield P values of 5 percent when there are 2, 3, 4, and 5 degrees of freedom? (b) How many classes of data do these degrees of freedom represent? (4 points) 2. In the cross A/a; B/b; C/c x A/a; b/b; c/c, how many different (a) phenotypic classes, and (b) genotypic classes will you obtain?
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(4 points) 3. In a dihybrid test cross, progeny classes with the following genotypes and frequencies were obtained: A/a · B/b 25% a/a · b/b 25% A/a · b/b 25% a/a · B/b 25% (4 points) Based on this information, answer the following questions: (a) Are the genes A and B linked or unlinked?
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Unformatted text preview: (b) What are the possible genotypes of the parents of the dihybrid? List all the possibilities and use correct symbols to denote the genotypes of the parents. 4. Answer if the following statements are true or false: (4 points) (a) Independent assortment does not result in the generation of recombinants; recombinants are only generated by crossing-over between homologous chromosomes. (b) A dihybrid in trans conformation will have the wild-type alleles of two linked genes on one chromosome and the recessive alleles of these genes on the homologous chromosome. (c) In sexually reproducing haploid organisms, meiosis occurs in a diploid cell called a meiocyte. (d) Hybrid vigor is exhibited in the progeny of hybrid plants that are selfed. 2...
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BIO 325 - Fall 2007 - TTh 200 to 330 - Quiz II - (b) What...

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