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Mike Timm I’m going to write a reflection about the one where it was different colored words with different colors inside of them. It dealt directly with sensation . It detected physical energy and encoded it as neural signals. It tested my perception as well. I had to select and organize the words in my brain. It also used top down processing because it used prior experiences to invert the color and the words. The hue in the words threw off my perception because the color determined by wavelength was messed up because the word was different than the color. My optic nerve was tested in this one because it carries the info to the brain. I’m going to write about the Bill Clinton one. Right away it tested my cones . I had to detect fine detail and color and I got it wrong. Next it tested my sensory interaction . When I found out what it really was my visual sense made my auditory sense
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Unformatted text preview: jump out. Then my bottom up processing . I had to sort out complex images by detecting lines, angles and colors. Then my absolute threshold . The minimum stimulation necessary to detect a particular stimulus. Finally, it created a subliminal message but placing a different hair but on president Clinton to make him look like Al Gore. For my last reflection I viewed the elephant with many legs. It tested my top down processing by making me think back about all the elephants ive seen and none of them had more than four legs. Next was the perception that was involved. I had to organize and interpret the sensations. This was not an audition so I did not have to use this sense. My optic nerve was used to carry the fact that elephants only have four legs to my brain. Finally the rods were used to tell my brain that elephants only have four legs....
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