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Zubek 1 Danielle Zubek Roessner British Classics October 27, 2006 Repentance for Salvation The twelve books of Milton’s Paradise Lost were rewritten from originally only ten books. It is a great epic that has been studied by scholars for hundreds of years. Paradise Lost is known as the greatest English epic in literature and also has a strong background of religion. “Milton used the Bible, Homer's Iliad and Odyssey , Vergil's Aeneid , and the stories in Greco- Roman mythology as sources of information and as writing models. The Bible's Book of Genesis is the main source for his retelling of the story of creation and the first humans, Adam and Eve,” Michael J. Cummings states in his summary of Paradise Lost. (“All Hell Broke Loose”) One of the great outcomes of Milton’s epic is the comparison of Satan and Adam. Milton’s views throughout this epic remain the same. His ideas are based simply on respecting God and knowing the limitations that we have. A moral that Milton tries to bring into our view would be; do not bite the hand that feeds you. We are not God so there is only so much knowledge, wisdom, and strength we are able to have. Milton believes that there is a ladder of hierarchy in the world. In this ladder God is on top; he is the Almighty that is omnipotent. Next are the Angels who are holy and are strong followers of God. Both God and the Angels are seen as spiritual beings in this literary ladder. Below the Angels, Adam and then Eve are on the next rungs of this hierarchy. They are both human, yet Adam is still, in Milton’s eyes, seen as a higher being then Eve. Adam and Eve are the reasoning between the spiritual and the physical. The physical consist of the animals, Satan, and the fallen Angels. The animals are not human but
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Zubek 2 still not distinguished as those among the fallen. Animals are just not capable of understanding reason and hold conversations. The fallen Angels and Satan are the ones who have been cast out of Heaven and seen as the bottom of the ladder. Satan was not always at the bottom of this ladder. In the beginning of Milton’s epic he is seen as a newly fallen angel. In the Bible the book of Job has God talking to Satan and asking, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and
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comparison essay - Zubek 1 Danielle Zubek Roessner British...

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