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bio notes - Scientific materialism—u can explain all...

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Scientific materialism—u can explain all scientific phenomena thru properties of matter Bios = life Characteristics of life: -capture & use energy and raw materials -sense and respond to environment -grow, reproduce, develop -evolves -higher order than surroundings -concentration of info (dna and rna) -cellular -carbon based emergent properties: living things are more than the sum of their parts systematics=study of diversity and relationships among organisms taxonomy=branch of systematics that deals with principles of classification 3 domains: bacteria, archaea, eukarya 6 kingdoms: eubacteria, protista, fungi, plantae, animalia our classification: Domain: Eukarya Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Family: Hominidae Genus: Homo Species: Homo sapiens Take the quiz by Wed. Carolus Linnaeus changed naming system to the binomial thingy ( Genus speciesepithet ) There’s an organization that keeps track of/approves of scientific names Biological species concept: species is group of individuals able to interbreed and produce fertile offspring Problem is with axexual, biol. Definition often not used Wolves and dogs are now considered the same species Character = anything u can use to classify animals 3 classification methods = molecular phylogenetics (ancestry pairs with molecular characteristics), evolutionary systematics (classifying each group to reflect evolutionary history, character analysis), cladistics (uses cladogram, based on # of derived, homologous characters) microorganisms = single celled organisms too small 2 b seen w/o microscope, smallest living organisms, viruses are smaller but not alive
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bio notes - Scientific materialism—u can explain all...

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