The Story of the Church notes

The Story of the Church notes - Read Acts 1 & 2 and ask 3...

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Luke addressed Theophilus in first of Acts so we know it’s sequel to Luke Paul talks about Luke being a physician and Luke/Acts are written like a physician Theophilus means lover of God, he may have been addressing any lover of God, but probably a person named Theophilus Church = 2 nd incarnation Jesus refers to the church as Himself “all history is fiction” ppl wrote subjectively/ selected what was important to write about Acts was written 63 A.D. at the earliest Jesus died 30 A.D. Luke makes the church look like Jesus: -led by the Holy Spirit (Luke 3:22, Acts 1:4-5) -prays (Luke 3:21, Acts 1:14) -shares wealth and cares for poor (Luke 4:18, Acts 2:44-45) -cares for disabled and demon-posessed (Luke 8:49-56, Acts 20:9-12) -accepts ppl from diverse national/ethnic groups (Luke 4:24-27, Acts 6:1-6) -church is treated like Jesus was (Luke 9:22, Acts 21:11-13) ch.1-7 is about church in Jerusalem, 8-9 is Samaria and Judea, 10-28 is Turkey to Rome Acts ch. 1 Kingdom of God is God’s reign over hearts and lives Matthew calls it kingdom of heaven as a euphemism for kingdom of God Ppl thought when he said receive the gift of Holy Spirit he meant restoring Israel An angel said Jesus was going to come back riding on a cloud Themes: 1. Jesus is coming soon 2. No one knows exactly when Meet = delegation from city meets a dignitary So maybe we go up to meet Jesus(field of blood) They think the rope may have broken Qualifications for apostles: 1. disciple from John’s baptism till ascension 2. witness to resurrection Barsabbas and Matthias were 2 candidates 12 apostles represented 12 tribes of Israel cuz Jesus was restoring Israel they had to die believing in Jesus (as opposed to Judas) they picked Matthias they prayed and cast lots to pick the apostle Pentecost = 50 (pente = 10, cost =5); 50 days after Passover; feast celebrated harvest; it was in Jerusalem Wind and tongues of fire came (Holy Spirit) and they spoke in tongues Ppl thought they were drunk but they said its only 9 am
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The Story of the Church notes - Read Acts 1 & 2 and ask 3...

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