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Buttler 1. The two elements discovered after 2003 are ununtrium and ununpentium. Their symbols are Uut and Uup. They were reported as discovered in February 2004. Ununtrium’s weight is 284 amu. Ununtrium was actually formed by the decaying of ununpentium. Ununpentium was made through a nuclear fusion of calcium and americium. Its weight is 288 amu. They were named using the system used for the other heavy elements: just based on their atomic number. 2. Element First Ionization Energy (V) Lithium 5.392 Beryllium 9.323 Boron 8.298 Carbon 11.260 Nitrogen 14.534 Oxygen 13.618 Fluorine 17.422 Neon 21.564 As you can see, the first ionization energy does not increase or decrease with the atomic number. Sometimes it goes up, and sometimes it goes down. In general,
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Unformatted text preview: the first ionization energy increases as you go left to right, but each element varies. The reason boron’s first ionization energy is lower than berylliums is because the outermost electron of boron is in the 2p orbital. The reason the first ionization energy of oxygen is lower than that of nitrogen is because the electrons in nitrogen are all spinning the same direction. However, oxygen has one electron in the 2p level that is paired with another. It is repelling the electron that it is paired with more than the three outer electrons in nitrogen are, so the paired electron in oxygen is easier to remove. All of the other elements follow the normal trend of first ionization energies....
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