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ch. 8 homework - electrons All electrons repel each other...

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Buttler 1. State in your own words the basic idea of the VSEPR theory. All of the electron groups in a molecule or polyatomic ion will spread out as far as they can. 2. a. Distinguish between “lone pairs” and “bonding pairs” of electrons. Lone pairs are not bonded with anything; bonding pairs are. b. Which has the greater spatial requirement? Lone pairs c. Indicate the order of increasing repulsions among lone pairs and bonding pairs of
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Unformatted text preview: electrons. All electrons repel each other equally. 20. Under what conditions is molecular (or ionic) geometry identical to electronic geometry about a central atom? When there are no lone pairs 21. Distinguish between electronic geometry and molecular geometry. Electronic geometry is the arrangement of electron groups; molecular geometry is the shape of the entire molecule....
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