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psych notes - Memory Construction Misinformation p. 382 2...

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3weszdMind/body question- They used to think they weren’t connected Seat g12 (g17) Ch, 2 Cerebellum = back of brain, controls voluntary movement and balance; alcohol affects it a lot Corpus colossum = connects the two hemispheres and transfers info To treat epilepsy, they used to have to cut the corpus colossum Frontal lobe = speech, fine motor movement, front of brain Temporal lobe = hearing, bottom middle of brain Parietal lobe = touch, upper back of brain Occipital lobe = lower bottom of brain, vision Split brain ppl if they had different lights in different hemispheres (red and green) would say they saw what they saw in left cuz it’s language, but they could show what they saw Phineas Gauge = made a rocket by shooting a rod working on a railroad, got hurt but not unconscious; his personality changed from nice to mean; he lost his job and got a job in the circus When ppl were aggressive, they would do frontal lobotomy (cut off some of frontal lobe) 3/5/08 11:02 AM some of ch. 9
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Unformatted text preview: Memory Construction Misinformation p. 382 2 groups see the same video of car collision; 1 st group said they were going 40 mph but 2 nd said 50 and more damaged; the reason is because the asker asked smashed to 2 nd group and came on 1 st Flashbulb Memory stays with us printed on our brain Cars came together or smashed Childrens Eyewitness Recall Story-time Mars? Mousetrap on your finger? Swim with sharks? Dr. cut your hair? They all answered no, then another adult came and asked and the kid told huge story of mousetrap Repressed or Constructed Memories of Abuse? Does therapist ask leading questions? u need to listen but not lead them; be objective Stress and Cancer Stress weakens the bodys immune system Rat study injected with cancer cells plus stress = faster decline in health (crowded them together) Managing Stress p. 567 Coping skills Balance Not Smoking, Regular Exercise, Regular Religious Attendance, etc...
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psych notes - Memory Construction Misinformation p. 382 2...

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