A Work of Art vs. Frankenstein

A Work of Art vs. Frankenstein - monster another human...

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Nick Buttler LU 1103-29 Lipscomb Seminar: Houston, We Have a Problem Dr. Gwinn A Work of Art vs. Frankenstein Frankenstein’s monster and Jerom Bosch thinking he was Strauss in “A Work of Art” are similar in many ways. They were both somewhat created. Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Kris were also similar in that they created their “monsters.” In “A Work of Art” Dr. Kris gave Jerom Bosch the mind of Strauss. Similarly, Dr. Frankenstein gave his
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Unformatted text preview: monster another human brain. Kris and Frankenstein were also scientists creating their “monsters” for mainly entertainment purposes. They both exhibited their creations and those creations’ talents to the public. The “monsters” also had to get used to their new environment. The biggest similarity in the stories is just the theme. That is the theme of a human being creating another human being....
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