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Nicholas Buttler LU 1103-29 Lipscomb Seminar: Houston, We Have a Problem Dr. Gwinn GATTACA GATTACA is a movie set in the near future. It is about a man named Vincent Freeman whose dream was to be an astronaut. He was one of the few “invalids,” or non- genetically engineered people, in society. He used the DNA of a “valid” man named Gerome so that he could be hired as an astronaut at GATTACA. One of the main workers there got murdered, and Vincent left one of his real hairs at the crime scene, so he spent most of the movie running from the police. They eventually found that he was
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This essay was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course LU 1103 taught by Professor Gwinn during the Fall '07 term at Lipscomb.

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