Hunted summary

Hunted summary - As they are hunting they hear Kim...

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Nick Buttler LU 1103-29 Lipscomb Seminar: Houston, We Have a Problem Dr. Gwinn “Hunted” Summary At the beginning of “Hunted,” a woman is in the woods running from something. A man finds her and saves her. The creature they were running from drags away the woman and kills the man. Jeffrey Freed wakes up to find it was a dream. He is the lieutenant for the civil security team. The team is planning on going into the woods to kill the creature called Kreetor. His wife, Kelly Freed, is very worried about hunting Kreetor because of Anthony, their new baby. Jeffrey reassures her that everything is going to be okay because he has an excellent team to back him up. The team finally goes into the woods to go Kreetor hunting. Kim, one of the soldiers, goes off on his own because he sees something behind the bushes. He decides to shoot at it. The team realizes he is not with them, so they go where he was only to find that he has disappeared. They decide to keep hunting for Kreetor.
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Unformatted text preview: As they are hunting, they hear Kim screaming. Then a spear flies from out of nowhere and stabs Hughes. Wolowicz runs after Kreetor, but Kreetor just drags him away. The next day, they go hunting again. The sergeant is the only person left on his team. As they are hunting, they see the dead bodies of some of the team members hanging from a tree. A spear comes flying at them, but it misses them. Jeff shoots at Kreetor and misses. Kreetor takes the sergeant away, hangs her on the tree, and kills her. Then he takes Jeff away. Kreetor’s identity is finally revealed. He looks a lot like the Geico caveman. He says he kept Jeff alive to take care of his pregnant wife. Jeff gets mad at him, and Kreetor cuts his hand off to reveal that he is a cyborg. Kreetor explains that he created all of the cyborgs. The name “Kreetor” comes from the word “creator.” Jeff kills him. Jeff goes home and tells Kelly that all the Kreetors are extinct. Then they unplug Anthony....
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Hunted summary - As they are hunting they hear Kim...

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