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Back to normalcy - goes to jail… significant because it...

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“Back to normalcy” Warren G Harding 1920- focus on US interest first, building business and prosperity Republicans favor tax reduction for the rich… promotes investment, provides jobs, etc Tariff raised to promote domestic business Weaknesses: overconcentration of wealth. .too much money to too few people Tea Pot Dome Scandal- Harding administration (one of the most corrupt of all time) Albert Fall, Secretary of the interior, controlled an oil well in Wyoming, made private deal with companies… Fall
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Unformatted text preview: goes to jail… significant because it is one of the obvious signs of corruption in Harding’s administration Reconstruction Finance Corporation- loaned money to businesses to get them going again 1932- FDR is elected. Hoover was limited, FDR is opposite. New Deal- totally based on relief, recovery, reform...
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