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History - National Guard called in…Samuel Gompers tries...

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History-3/24 Less govt. in business, more business in govt.-Warren G. Harding “the business of America is business” Calvin Coolidge Whole country turned over to businessmen and business interests- attitude was to benefit everybody. “Public Good” “Business as Usual” Labor Unrest- workers had supported world war 1, at the end, found they had fallen behind in wages, and management wouldn’t catch up, so there were hundreds of strikes. Government and the public was on the side of the management. Boston Police Strike- Boston police tries to form a union..those trying to form union were fired, then the whole police force went on strike…Boston citizens volunteer,
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Unformatted text preview: National Guard called in…Samuel Gompers tries to step in and appeal to govt. and appeal to governor of Mass. (Calvin Coolidge) “there is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, anytime” Red Scare- A. Mitchell Palmer-1917 Russia, Communist Revolution. Americans feared Communist takeover. US deports lots of Russians. 1920- Palmer arranges raid on Communist headquarters and arrested them all. Daugherty- Harding’s friend and attorney general. Sold exemptions from the law. Fordney-McCumber Tarriff- highest protective tariff. Andrew Mellon- Secretary of the Treasury...
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