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The Nature of progressivism

The Nature of progressivism - Regulation vs Anti-trust with...

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A. The Nature of progressivism Problems of Industrial/Urban America- child labor, immigrant slums, Socialist Party of America 1901- led by Eugene Debs, claimed that capitalism was bad, needed radical reform, no more private enterprise, socialism A continuation of populism? Saving the American Dream Upper class leadership Aristocrats and Plutocrats-upper class, stylish, literate, families are wealthy..plutocrats are new money Business support for reform New ideas Reform Darwinism-Lester Frank Ward- Social Gospel-Charles Sheldon Range of Progressive Reform Muckrakers-Upton Sinclair The central issue of Progressivism The National Government and Big Business B. Theodore Roosevelt and Big Business 1901-1909- Roosevelt takes office when McKinley is assassinated Power and responsibility- Roosevelt didn’t want to see rise of socialism, so he became a progressive reformer to keep the US the same (maintain private enterprise, capitalism)
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Unformatted text preview: Regulation vs Anti-trust- with reg, agency of government doesn’t break up business, but it tells business what it can and cant do, Northern Securities Co Case 1902-1904 JP Morgan Bureau of Corporations 1903 Anthracite Coal Strike 1902 Election of 1904- Roosevelt runs for election (first time running) Square Deal Alton Parker- ran against Roosevelt in 1906 Robert LaFollette Eugene V. Debs Hepburn Act 1906 greatly increased power of interstate commerce commission to regulate railroads-if a person (shipper) complained about rates, they could investigate and tell railroads to lower rates Pure food and drug act 1906 Meat inspection act 1906 federal regulation of all meat packing companies (Upton Sinclair “The Jungle”) Conservation movement Gifford Pinchot...
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The Nature of progressivism - Regulation vs Anti-trust with...

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