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Beekman 1 Christopher Beekman Professor Melissa Ringfield ENC 1102 26 July 2007 Baseball is a sport covered across the country by millions of Americans and is a daily religious activity for some. Deeply ingrained in American culture, the sport has reached a crossroad in today's society. Players yearning for better results have been "juicing up" with anabolic steroids for decades now, but just in the past few years it has started to come into the public light. How should fans feel toward the steroid problem in the MLB? Are we supposed to feel sympathetic and awestruck at players putting their lives on the line for better, super-human like results on the field? Perhaps we should feel ashamed and betrayed by the role models for the fans and youth in our society? Either way, the American public and leaders of Major League Baseball have a choice to make concerning the integrity of our national pastime: allow players to use steroids under strict supervision, or aggressively tackle the steroid issue in baseball and prevent steroids from being used in the future. To fully understand the choice that lies ahead for baseball, the public needs to be educated on what steroids are. There are two different types of effects of steroids, anabolic and androgenic steroids. Anabolic steroids are man-made, "muscle-building" substances
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Beekman 2 that alter the testosterone levels in males. They are used to increase performance among athletes by allowing for increased muscle production which stems from the increased amount of protein and protein receptors in the body. This in turn means athletes can get a
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Steroid Paper - Beekman 1 Christopher Beekman Professor...

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