Final Exam Study - The final exam is worth 40% of your...

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The final exam is worth 40% of your overall grade, and has a total of 200 points Chapters 14-19: 100 questions worth one point each (similar to the other two mid terms) Topics to Review Inflation and the impact on investments Understand the nature of preferred stocks vs. common stocks vs. bonds (including various types of bonds…which are riskier vs. safer, types of credit ratings, how call features work) Review steps one takes before making investments (e.g. getting your emergency fund set up) Review types of orders for stocks (e.g. market vs. limit vs. stop) Understand various risks associated with investments, including systematic and non-systematic risk. Know which investments are lower in risk vs. high risk. Review beta. Understand the relationship of movements in interest rates and the impact on the fair market value of bonds (e.g. if interest rates fall, the value goes up) Know in general how each investment category performs over long periods of time (stocks vs. bonds vs. cash) Dividends: Understand how dividends are declared and paid for common stock & preferred stocks (including how stock splits work). Review taxability of dividends. Review the various types of stocks (growth, income, cyclical, etc.) Review the drivers behind a stock’s price (e.g. earnings) Be prepared to calculate investment returns. Review and be prepared to calculate Price to Earnings Ratios (PE) and Earnings per Share (EPS). High
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Final Exam Study - The final exam is worth 40% of your...

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