Sorority Life Essay - The narrative article "Sister...

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The narrative article “Sister Act,” by Evan Wright describes the Greek social life at the Ohio State University. Wright uses this article to inform and convince the younger readers of the Rolling Stone that the sorority’s aren’t just the character and leadership building sisterhoods they are portrayed to be, and in fact are highly dangerous. Wright also targets parents to induce fear into them and prevent teenage daughters from entering into Greek life. Through the view of first hand experiences with the Greek organizations at OSU, Wright effectively portrays his views on the underside of the Greek life. He effectively uses strong logic, ethos and pathos to convince the reader of his claim in the argument. Wright does show an extreme bias toward the pitfalls of sorority life and because of his lack of description of the opposing benefits, he is likely to convince his reader of his argument. Wrights uses very strong logical appeal throughout the entire text. He accomplishes this through first hand testimonies and interviews of sorority members, as well as his first hand narratives on his experiences with Greek organizations on the OSU campus. Wright first uses logical appeal when describing Alcohol Awareness Day at OSU, a time when Greek members abstain from alcohol for twenty-four hours. “At 3 A.M., two wobbly-legged sorority girls stand in an alley off Fifteenth Street. A third girl kneels between them on her hands and knees and throws up. Her two friends yank her backward. ‘Don’t get it on you,’
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Sorority Life Essay - The narrative article "Sister...

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