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Age of Jackson and Expanding Democracy Part I-102306

Age of Jackson and Expanding Democracy Part I-102306 - Age...

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Age of Jackson and Expanding Democracy-Pt. 1 I. Politics in the 1820’s Key Terms A. Democracy Expands* *Jacksonian Democracy B. The Issues Andrew Jackson II. Andrew Jackson Nullification Crisis A. Election of 1824 B. Adams’ Term C. Jackson’s Election D. Why Jackson Won III. Nullification and Crisis A. Nullification B. The Crisis I. A. The word, democracy- meaning has a different connotation, democracy merges into something beneficial to people and government Popular sovereignty- emerge into the basis of American government, notion that people have a say in government and to keep government running you need people to support it Principle of equality- starts to spread, it was harder to tell who was upper or lower class just by the way they looked so classical traditions faded like the tipping of the hat, the word servant was being used less, some servants refused to do what the master said because the law said they were equal, equality before the law links to having suffrage with citizenship because only white men could vote Larger electorate-most states had removed their property requirements and more white men were voting than before More direct election of government officials- some judges were elected by local voting, this change was mostly on the local level, more people are able to
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