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Battles-On and Off the Field-11/29/06

Battles-On and Off the Field-11/29/06 - Battles-On and Off...

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Battles-On and Off the Field I. Confederate Momentum in 1862 Key Terms A. Union Victories in the West Confederate States of B. Confederate Victories in the East America (CSA) II. Views on the War Radical Republicans A. Government (North and South) US Sanitary Commission B. Society (Whites and Blacks-North and South) I. Confed.-Offensive/defensive strategy Union-blockade A. Fort Henry and Fort Donelson-brings the union into the heartland of Tennessee by taking control of the river leading to southern supplies Far western campaigns-there was fighting as a way for supplies and union won territory in the west Grant halted at Shiloh-stalemate but then Grant realized that in order for the Union to win they would have to conquer all of the south war would not be quick or easy Farragut at New Orleans-surprised the south and took over NO quickly key victory for Union because it was the main trading place for the North and South union now controls north and south of Mississippi B. McClellan’s peninsula campaign-moves by sea and not land Robert E. Lee became commander-Confed. general gets wounded so Lee is appointed Lee’s advantages-willing to take risks unlike McClellan McClellan retreated Lee’s invasion-invade Antietam II. A. North:
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