empire and its impact-9/13/06

empire and its impact-9/13/06 - Empire and Its Impact on...

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Unformatted text preview: Empire and Its Impact on the English Colonies I. Glorious Revolution Key Terms A. Example= New England Glorious Revolution B. Glorious Revolution mercantilism C. Impact on New England= example enumerated goods II. Efforts to Control Trade Board of Trade A. Navigation Acts Triangular Trade B. Triangular Trade Albany Plan III. European Conflicts Seven Years War A. Queen Annes War B. King Georges War C. Albany Plan D. Seven Years War I. A. 1684- England annulled the Massachusetts charter and made it a royal colony James II had a dislike of representative govt.- Dominion of New England- Sir Edmund Andros- Abolished elective assemblies- Enforced Navigation Acts-Taxed without consent- Placed officials in Court B. 1688- James decided to convert to Catholicism and is deposed- Parliament decides to bring Jamess daughter Mary and her husband William to the throne to be joint monarchs James II fled to France Bill of Rights- it extended rights to all Englishmen and even the colonists because they still considered themselves that C. April 18, 1689- Boston overthrows Andros Dominion of New England should be abolished 1691- new royal charter-Plymouth included- Crown appointed governor- Election to General Court, which chose Council member (advised the...
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empire and its impact-9/13/06 - Empire and Its Impact on...

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