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Expanding Democracy Begins-10/11/06

Expanding Democracy Begins-10/11/06 - Expanding Democracy...

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Expanding Democracy Begins Key Terms I. Election of 1800 Judiciary Act of 1801 A. Candidates Marbury vs. Madison B. A Revolution? Judicial Review II. Democratic-Republicans in Power LA Purchase A. Undoing Federalist Policies Lewis and Clark Expedition B. Judicial Challenges III. Compromising Ideals A. Louisiana Purchase B. Lewis and Clark Expedition I. The first time we see the transition of power from one political party to another successfully A. Thomas Jefferson for the Democratic-Republicans and had ideas: limiting the role government, decreasing taxes, belief in the republican virtues Personal characteristics: frugal, independent, self-reliance, appealed to yeoman, dressed very simply Changes the way the presidents present themselves in office and do not dress according to their wealth they wore plain clothes Demo-Repub. declared that the government was too big and cost too much money and the US was allied too closely with France John Adams came off very successful after first term but lost half of his support because some federalists wanted to go to war with France Charles Pickney was the running mate Jefferson became president B. Hamilton’s efforts ruined the chance of the Federalists to win election and people supported Jefferson When the ballots were counted there was a tie between Jefferson and Burr(vice president) and the vote was sent to the House of Reps.
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