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finish PA-9/6/06 - Finish PA 17th Century Social...

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Finish PA 17 th Century Social Hierarchy-Servitude and Slavery I. Indentured Servitude A. Where?-mainly Chesapeake B. Variations II. Slavery A. Comments B. Why the mainland English Colonies C. Variations D. Link between Slavery and Race *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Founded: -1681 to William Penn, a Quaker (included Delaware) -Personal proprietorship -Money (land sale) and a (religious) refuge -Native Americans-fair treatment (different from other colonies), trade, and buy land from them Who Came? *Incentives in the Frame of Government-1682 -Religious toleration (only Christians could vote) -English civil liberties-right to a trial by a jury, right to bail -Representative assembly *Issued pamphlets in other countries *Peple came from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Carribean *Population after 5 years-12,000 (took VA 30 years to get to that number) *Philadelphia-Merchants and artisans *Settlers-knowledge and connections Economy *Food-based-agriculture so there were a lot of scattered villages *Challenged Boston’s commercial dominance *Regulated trade with Native Americans I. Main source of labor in the 17 th century Chesapeake A. Mainly in Chesapeake Why? Tobacco farmers needed cheap labor Planters thought it was very expensive Large population growth after the Black Death so went to find work in a new country Convicts got sent into servitude Characteristics: Common practice in England Captain would pay for travel across sea and would sell them Servants could be bought sold traded inherited or gambled away
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finish PA-9/6/06 - Finish PA 17th Century Social...

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