reforming government-9/27/06

reforming government-9/27/06 - Reforming Government I....

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Reforming Government Key Words I. Recognizing the Need for Change Newburgh Conspiracy A. Weaknesses of the Art. of Conf. Annapolis Convention B. Problems Arise Shay’s Rebellion C. Shay’s Rebellion VA Plan II. Constitutional Convention NJ Plan A. Characteristics 3/5ths Compromise B. Madison’s Virginia Plan Federalists/Anti-federalists C. Patterson’s New Jersey Plan Bill of Rights III. Compromise to Constitution A. Compromises Emerge B. C. Powers under the Constitution IV. Ratification A. Federalists B. Anti-federalists C. Bill of Rights I. A. It was very inefficient and had a poor distribution of the power between the states and the federal government, when Congress made a decision it had no authority to impose it on the states Problems with money because both the states and Congress could print money which led to high inflation and recession Lack of power Congress had to negotiate with foreign powers; they had the power but could not get the states to cooperate Treaty of Paris had agreed for the colonies to pay war debt and give back loyalist property, Congress could not force the states to comply Trouble with Native Americans because they didn’t comply with land granted to the colonies by Britain B. Congress could not levy taxes, could not impose it’s will upon states, and could not enforce treaties The Newburgh Conspiracy- military officers were afraid they would not receive
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reforming government-9/27/06 - Reforming Government I....

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