Reforming Society in the Antebellum Era-10/27/06

Reforming Society in the Antebellum Era-10/27/06 -...

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Reforming Society in the Antebellum Era I. Evangelism led to the Reform Key Terms A. Second Great Awakening Second Great Awakening B. Women Link Religion to Reform Temperance Movement II. The Abolition Movement Dorthea Dix A. Among Free People of Color Abolition Movement B. Variations on a Theme American Colonization C. Critics of Abolition Society Immediatists D. Women in the Abolition Movement Declaration of Sentiments E. Women’s Rights Emerges Religion and the expansion of democracy increased together I. A. Millennial beliefs-Christians believe that Christ is coming to reestablish his Church The United States has a special mission-to carry out evangelism and reform Importance of the laity-the role of the church and pope decrease and the laity increases The South-happened along the backwoods, people had to rely on traveling ministers, the evangelical movement was very strong, southerners incorporated slavery into the evangelic movement and made it good by saying there are slaves in the Bible and it’s God’s way The North-not as many frontier areas so most of the converts were people who were indifferent to religion at first, occurs mainly in towns and cities Methodists and Baptists- have very democratic structures in their religion Moving West- many evangelicals moved west and there are less churches established so people bring their own religion; women were the main group to convert than men B. Women’s missionary societies- women were worried about the secularization of society and believed that the market economy was eroding religious beliefs and women want to get their families on track; the missionary societies went to go talk to people to try to get them to convert; women are
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Reforming Society in the Antebellum Era-10/27/06 -...

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