severing the ties-9/20/06

severing the ties-9/20/06 - Serving the Ties I People React...

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Serving the Ties Key Words I. People React to the Coercive Acts First Continental Congress A. First Continental Congress Continental Association B. Committees of Observation Lexington and Concord II. Taking Sides- see handout Second Cont. Congress III. War and Independence Thomas Paine and Common A. First Battles Sense B. Independence Thomas Jefferson and Dec. of In. C. Northern Campaigns Trenton D. Southern Campaigns Saratoga IV. Impact on the Home Front Yorktown A. Home Treaty of Paris B. Women I. A. It was held in Philadelphia in 1774 and all colonies sent delegates except GA Three tasks to address: define American grievances Plan for resistance Define constitutional relationships with Great Britain Asked for a repeal of the Coercive Act and wanted to implement another boycott and petitioned to the King for relief Continental Association had 3 aspects: Asked for non-importation of British goods and would begin on Dec. 1, 1774, included a ban on the slave trade, and ban manufactured goods; Asked for non-consumption of British products starting March 1, 1775 and would give northern merchants a chance to sell what was in inventory; Asked for non- exportation of American goods going to Great Britain and West Indies and started Sept. 19, 1775 B. Most of members were elected Responsible for inspecting compliance with boycotts and make sure no one was going against boycott Private acts took on a political significance
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severing the ties-9/20/06 - Serving the Ties I People React...

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