Slave Society in Antebellum America-11/3/06

Slave Society in Antebellum America-11/3/06 - Slave Society...

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Slave Society in Antebellum America I. Planter’s World Key Terms A. The South The “South” (characteristics) B. Proslavery Arguments Proslavery Arguments C. Paternalism paternalism D. Slave Society planter II. Life under Slavery yeoman A. Slave Family Life Underground Railroad B. Slave Labor C. Resistance to Slavery D. Lives of Free People of Color E. Culture I. A. Similarities -shared Revolutionary heritage, language, Protestant religion, National Convention, nationalism, and states’ rights Differences -climate and growing season: far more temperate climate so there is a longer growing season -slavery: because of more agricultural crops being grown slaves were needed helps create a society that is very racial economy of the south contributes to race -low population density: people are more spread out over a larger area, fewer people per square mile hard to have public institutions like schools and churches, so there is no reform activities like in the north -few urban areas: areas of trade where agricultural products were marketed and then shipped, there is minor manufacturing B. Bible and religion-people looked at the Bible as a historical document and said that slavery was in the Bible Revolutionary rhetoric: you were born to your position in society Racism and scientific theories-slavery was the natural status for most Africans they were more physical and for labor so that was their role in society vs. white people who were more intellectual Economic necessity and property rights-slavery in the Constitution is considered
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Slave Society in Antebellum America-11/3/06 - Slave Society...

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