Slavery-Crisis and Compromise Part I-11/13/06

Slavery-Crisis and Compromise Part I-11/13/06 -...

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Slavery-Crisis and Compromise-Part I I. Slavery in the Territories Key Terms A. Wilmot Proviso Wilmot Proviso B. Free Soil Party Free Soil Party C. Popular Sovereignty Popular Sovereignty D. Election of 1848 Compromise of 1850 II. Brittle Compromise Fugitive Slave Law A. California as a Free State B. Debates before Compromise C. Compromise of 1850 D. Fugitive Slave Law I. A. Wanted to ban slavery in every territory Did not pass Split Whigs and Democrats along sectional lines John C. Calhoun-did not want slavery banned -Constitutional issue-based on the 5 th amendment because it says you can not be deprived of your property -Property issue-slaves were property -State sovereignty idea-people should be able to decide whether or not they want slavery Northerners -Broad support -Land for whites only-most were racist -Split political parties-northern democrats felt betrayed by southern democrats Northerners and southerners both spoke in the interest of whites only and do not address the issues of Native Americans or mulattos B. Precedents -Northwest Ordinance 1787 and the Missouri Compromise of 1820 -Wanted them extended to new territories Resented southern domination of national politics Free soil represented economic freedom but mixed racism
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Slavery-Crisis and Compromise Part I-11/13/06 -...

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