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Society in the Revolutionary Era-10/2/06

Society in the Revolutionary Era-10/2/06 - Society in the...

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Society in the Revolutionary Era I. Education A. For the republic B. The North C. Throughout the US II. White Women A. Changing Gender Roles B. The Vote C. Tradition Wins III. African Americans A. Freedom and Race B. The North C. The South D. Free People of Color E. Challenges to the White Hierarchy IV. Native Americans A. “Civilizing” B. Response I. Begins the transformation of American society A. Focused on children-deviation from the past Republican virtue-help avoid vice and corruption Prepare for self-government-people have to be trained in how to participate in government New practices in the 1780’s and 1790’s-varied by region B. Levied taxes in order to fund public schools “Republican Motherhood”-girls need a special kind of education that teaches how to do domestic stuff so that their sons can take the right position in society C. Formerly a responsibility of families Teen girls and private academies-teens went past elementary school and went to academies only if family could afford it Judith Sargent Murray: criticized academies because of equality - Men and women have equal intellects; therefore, they should have equivalent educations - Challenged colonial beliefs about women II. A.
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