The Wars Conclusion and Reconstruction-12/4/06

The Wars Conclusion and Reconstruction-12/4/06 - The War's...

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The War’s Conclusion and Reconstruction I. The End Key Terms A. Total War and Sherman’s March Gettysburg Address B. Appomattox Sherman’s March II. Larger Impact Appomattox A. New Weapons 13 th , 14 th , 15 th Amendments B. Medical Care Black Codes C. Role of Press and Photography D. Changes in the Meaning of Freedom III. Reconstruction Begins A. Lincoln’s Vision B. Congressional Views on Reconstruction C. Johnson’s Plan D. Problems with Johnson’s Plan I. A. Strategy-brings total war to the South by going from Tennessee to Georgia strategy: basic destruction of all southern info structure (factories, railroads, and any type of business) Atlanta = major rail center eventually occupies Atlanta which was a major way for the South to transport, brings more support from the north and demoralizes the South Election of 1864 is going on and the win in Atlanta assures the Republican spot in the presidency General John Hood’s tactic-wants to attack Sherman’s supply lines but Sherman already destroyed them after he left them Path of destruction Savannah, then into the Carolinas Slaves-as Sherman marched southward and to the north slaves flocked to the Union army so they were taking away southern property and people began to starve because there was no one there to produce crops General Joseph E. Johnston surrender The impact of total war-very affective tactic, it demoralized the southern population and destroyed their ability to fight B. Grant’s strategy-has to destroy the southern army to destroy the south
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The Wars Conclusion and Reconstruction-12/4/06 - The War's...

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